carpet selection, carpet materials and carpet installation

carpet selection, carpet materials and carpet installation

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Get your carpet material and carpet installation services through Create Interior Design. Our designers can help!

We start with your home’s style and color pallet. There are thousands of carpets out there and we will help narrow down your search to carpet colors, styles, textures, and patterns that work with your home design style.   We also help educate on carpet types, and materials, such as fibers and carpet padding, so you can choose the right carpet for your use, with considerations for carpet quality, budget, and performance over time, such as wear and soiling or staining.

Our floor covering specialist will coordinate carpet delivery with you or your home builder or home remodeler to make sure everything arrives on time and ready for installation.

If you are looking for help choosing the right carpet for your home, and would like us to help, please give us a call.   We can help you make carpet selections and provide carpet samples so you are sure to choose just the right carpet for your project.  Check our our blog, Create Home, for more design tips on our blog, Create Home, and Create Design Build for home design inspiration.

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