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At Create Interior Design, our team designs and supplies custom cabinetry that is not only beautiful, but highly functional, and has a consistent design aesthetic. Working with a professional kitchen and bath designer and cabinetry specialist is key.

At Create Interior Design, we start by reviewing your space. If clients are working on new construction with Create Design Build, that’s usually done in the architecture phase. With other home build or remodeling projects, our team may need to review concept drawings and make a few modifications to assist you and your custom home builder. Create’s accredited designers will discuss family functionality, storage requirements, and how you will use the space. With some plans, we see an opportunity to add creative ideas for the layout or suggest additional features for effective storage and utilization of space. It’s the perfect time to edit drawings, or as we call “redlines”, to reflect those changes.

First, we’ll need some design inspiration. We suggest doing a little homework. Look at images of your favorite kitchen and baths and save them for later to review with your home interior designer. With a general idea of your preferences and vision in mind, our cabinet designers prepare a series of take-off drawings for your review. These are the first interpretation of cabinet design and based on kitchen layout and any selections made to date. Our accredited designers will then help you review your cabinetry drawings in detail and make modifications, discuss types of cabinet construction, and options for door styles and cabinetry materials. Once in production, we will continue to coordinate with your home builder and coordinate cabinet installation.

For additional information and details on cabinetry construction, the cabinetry design process and cabinetry terminology. See our blog, Create Home, for additional Tips on Working with a Professional Cabinet Designer, and Cabinetry Design and Materials Terminology. Simple knowledge of the design basics will help you choose a cabinetry layout, style and materials that work for your home design.

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