virtual home plans, rendering, for real estate remodeling & staging

virtual home plans and rendering for new construction, remodeling and staging

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The Real Estate market is changing, which means the way we need to market our properties to sell homes is also changing.

Do you have an older property that needs some updating or remodeling, but don’t have the budget or want to invest the dollars to complete the construction? This is the most common feedback homeowners and real estate agents receive after showings – “Beautiful home, but it needs a lot of work” or “needs updating” – sound familiar? We have a program in place to overcome these sort of critiques, giving you what you need to sell an outdated home.

Create Home’s companies – Create Design Build – Create Interior Design – and Create Real Estate have partnered to provide tools for Sellers to adapt to the changing market and take advantage of home improvement technology that shows their home in an enhanced .

Buyers and Investors often know they may need to put a little work into a property, but it’s not knowing how much work – or at what costs to complete – that creates doubt and anxiety. We eliminate this uncertainty. Create Design Build and Create Interior Design  assist in recommending property updates. We will provide accurate concept drawings of what your home or investment property will look like after proposed updates to design of the home. We provide detailed Construction Estimates, including architectural drawing options for 2D, and 3D house plans as well as photo-realistic renderings, which are so detailed they are often confused with actual photographs.  This  providing a vision, budget, and plan for your buyers and investors.These images and plans combined with our effective home marketing strategies, give potential buyers a reason to invest in your property.

By providing you and your Realtor innovative strategies for selling a home that needs updating, you can find Buyers and Investors that will feel confident signing a Purchase Agreement and proceed without impeding the sale of the home. Create Design Build, is ready to continue planning, designing and managing the construction process making it easier for Buyers and Investors. We have the necessary resources to execute those plans on behalf of the Buyer, providing the confidence they need to invest in your property.

Virtual Home Plans and Home Staging is also a perfect tool for New Construction and Remodeling and “To Be Built” Construction.


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