Bar stools are one of the most used pieces of furniture you’ll own.  So choose ones you love.  Here are some tips that you might want to consider as you are hunting for the perfect stool.

know your space and your dimensions

It’s not uncommon for people to choose stools that don’t fit the space.  Measure the area they will be going in and measure the stools.  How many people need to sit?  Remember you need space between the stools.  Sounds silly, but sometimes people usually don’t consider the space you need for pulling them out and stepping in and arm room.

counter height or bar height bar stools

The wrong height stool is the most common ordering problem.  Counter height stools are 23″ to 28″ from the floor to the seat .  Pair counter height stools with tables 35 to 37″ heights.  Bar height stools are commonly 29″ to 32″ from the floor to the seat.

know what functions you prefer

Do you want bar stools to swivel or be stationary?

If you are going to be turning around to talk to others or view other areas, a swivel function is nice to have.

adjustable height or a gas pneumatic lift

Adjustable height bar stools can be great in a workspace area like a pocket office, office, or a garage.

back or no back

Some may want to tuck a stool under a counter top when not in use, or like the simplicity of no back.  Others may like leaning back a little and feeling the support of a back rest.

quality construction

Metal and wood frame both provide strong structural support.  Choose durable upholstery such as vinyls, performance fabrics or leathers with coatings, since stools are prone to abuse from spills and dirty hands.

consider comfort

While you may prefer the look of that metal or wood bar stool, consider an upholstered stool or with a cushion for comfort.

design style

Yes, how it looks is important too, and the fun part.  What is your overall home design style industrial, traditional, contemporary?  There’s a stool to go with every style.

Patterns and finishes are abundant so have fun when choosing your bar stools.

At Create Interior Design we’d love to help you select the best bar stools for your space.  Check out Create Home Collections for an assortment of stools in different design options.  We work with many furniture vendors and suppliers.  Reach out, and we’ll help you find the perfect stool.

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