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As a home builder and interior designer I love planning spaces, and I believe space planning is truly an art-form.  Some may say I’m exaggerating, but think about it…

space planning

“Space Planning in home design is a 2D or 3D collection of objects, all with different sizes, colors, and textures planned in an artful and organized fashion.” – Sandra Mahoney

Whew…and certainly space planning is all that and more…all while taking into account room sizes, proportion and balance.  But we all know there’s no perfectly planned space.

Why?  The difference is you.  You, and your family.

I can space plan a model home or do home staging, but home styling is different.  When you hire a stylist, they help you with your personal style.  We all have different uses and preferences.  As a stylist and interior designer it’s our job to learn about how you live, and consider how you want a room to function.  So I get to know you, how you enjoy spending  your time in your home, and what brings you joy.  Together we spend time looking at your preferences, images and illustrations so I can look for patterns of home design and home fashion that illustrate what you love.

home styling

“Home Styling is more than space planning.  The interior design process includes you, and the discovery of getting to know you and your family, the things that bring you joy, and the ability to source and coordinate items you love and arrange them in a way that looks stylish and feels comfortable.  That’s home styling.  That’s what makes it your home.” – Sandra Mahoney

A skilled home stylist has this unique ability to see subtle patterns in images you like, that you may not even recognize.  We listen to you, ask questions, and look at your favorite images and how often similar things appear, how things are organized, use of symmetry, use of color, pattern and texture.  I can’t tell you how often my clients say things like, “I didn’t even notice a linear fireplace was in every image”, or “I see the similarity between these kitchens now”, or “funny, I do see that the pattern of how art is arranged is similar”, or “Ha, you’re right, all the images I pinned do have the same color pallet.”

If you are looking for an interior designer, look for a true home stylist.  Look for someone who is a space planner, and who cares enough to really takes the time to get to know you and your family.  Make sure it’s someone who has the creativity, and the business resources to source and purchase appropriate art, furnishings and accessories, and coordinate them in a way that feels like home to you.

If you need help with space planning and home styling, Create Interior Design would love to help!  Reach out and say “hello”, and check out Create Home and Create Interior Design and Create Home Collections for inspiration.



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