What can I say, “I love quartz”

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I can always find what I am looking for with quartz.  It satisfies my desire for simplicity with simple whites, creams, grays and blacks and my love for marble looks, and when I need a pop of a striking pattern, I can find that too.


Quartz is much harder than granite, making it more durable.  It’s performance is stellar.  It is less likely to scratch, chip or stain than other countertop surfaces.


Quartz has little maintenance.  It’s the easiest surface to care for.  With proper care, surfaces stay smooth and shiny and you don’t need to polish or seal.


Why do I care that its nonporous?  Quartz is food safe and does not harbor bacteria.  That’s why so many commercial kitchen, restaurants, hotels and bars use quartz.  I just love that.  It just makes me feel better in kitchens and baths where germs love to breed.  Why give them a home?

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Quartz allows me more flexibility to do longer overhangs without bracketing or support running underneath.


I like eco-friendly products and the quartz used in quartz countertops comes directly from the earth.  Quartz countertops have a longer replacement life and they are recyclable.  Many quartz manufacturers even recycle their waste, and some companies combine quartz with recycled glass.  If you’re looking for a green product or LEED points, check out quartz because of the recycled content and low-emissions.

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