My Inspiration for starting Create Home and our suite of companies, Create Design Build, Create Interior Design, Create Home Collections, and Create Real Estate.

It’s been years in the making, a lifetime really. It all started as a kid, my parents carted me around during Parade of Homes, from model to model. They looked forward to going each year, and we made it an annual event. It was fun to share that love of architecture and design and it sparked an interest that has lasted to today.

I didn’t know I wanted to be a Home Builder or even an Interior Designer, until long after I had finished college, the first time.  I’d say my career found me, and kept pulling me in the direction I was meant to go. I started with youth ministry, then fashion, and when taking a clothing, textiles, and design course I became more and more interested in furnishings and later decided to further my education in Interior Design.

I worked for a furniture company and moved away from home for my career.  My company transferred me 3 times in 3 years, and as I got moved around, I realized just how important home is, and what it truly means. It’s far more than a house and beautiful things. It’s personal, and for me it’s a comfort I don’t experience anywhere else. It’s why I came back to Minnesota and ended up starting my own real estate company years ago. I wanted to help people find that place that they could call home, and it was my job to find the right fit. Almost like a magnet, I ended up working with builders and developers, and met hundreds of people who were looking for their perfect place. I found something I really enjoyed. Soon it became clear, I wouldn’t be satisfied just finding the right fit for a family, I wanted to help create it, and for 10 years, I immersed myself in new home construction and design projects with an obsession, but something was missing.  I wanted to be even more involved, I wanted to make even more of an impact, and I wanted to add even more value.  And again, like a magnet, my love of new construction, furniture, design, and all things home, led me here.  

Over time my best work has evolved, learning and honing the fundamentals of design and great architecture, and the nuances of leveraging value, but even more so, my best work involves taking time to really get to know my customers, their needs and building strong relationships.

My clients have become some of my closest friends, my inspiration, and those who encouraged me to start Create Home.  Thank you for trusting and supporting me.

It is a privilege to design and build a custom home, and I am so thankful for the families who trust me to create the place they call home.

 – Sandra Mahoney – Custom Home Builder, Interior Designer

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