The team at Create Interior Design helps to guide you through the process of selecting appliances.  Our team has experience working with over a hundred families selecting appliances at every budget and in the process we have learned what people appreciate.  We are consistently educating ourselves and researching new technology and the latest appliance trends.

Here are a few things to consider to find the best appliances for your new home or remodel project.

know your space

One of the more important things if not the most important thing when shopping for new appliances is to know your design plan.  In new construction and remodeling your designer will likely handle all this for you, but if you’re doing it all yourself, have a plan and know the heights, widths and depths of the areas that accommodate your appliances.  Have a list with the sizes of your spaces for each appliance.  Taking note of door openings as well to ensure they will accommodate the move.

At Create Design Build and Create Interior Design our designers look closely at your kitchen design and requirements.  Does your plan accommodate what you are trying to achieve?  In addition to ensuring the appliances work in your design, also make sure the design fits your homes plumbing, wiring and electrical plans and meets code requirements.  Those details can often be overlooked, so it’s important to provide each appliances specifications and call out special details and considerations like vent hood requirements,  ensuring it has the appropriate features to ensure you have the proper size venting and cfm , and call out other details like ice maker drains and waterlines which may impact early construction details like plumbing roughs and electrical considerations in your foundation and walls.

If you’re working with Create Design Build or Create Interior Design we may modify a kitchen design and cabinetry drawings to accommodate a creative idea or if you find you have new appliance choices and we always ensure that cabinetry designers have all up to date appliance, plumbing and electrical specifications prior to cabinetry drawings being finalized.

know your budget

You may fall in love with that massive Wolf range,  but does it fit the budget?  So while some things might seem absolutely perfect, you may need to adjust a little and try to find something similar.  While we all would like to start with an unlimited budget, every project starts here.  Have a budget in mind and try to fit the appliance to the budget.  Designers and appliance specialists will assist with recommendations that fit your desired budget.

Don’t forget, appliances are an investment, so we recommend the best appliances for your budget and design aesthetic.  You may find to get what you really want you need to adjust the budget a little.  Consult with your designer and kitchen appliance specialist to ensure you are getting what you want and within desired budget.

get inspired 

Get to know what’s out there.  That’s the fun part!  Define your style and look at material and finish options.  You can find inspiration in blogs, magazines, Houzz, Pinterest and share with your appliance specialist and designer.

Finishes are a great place to start when considering style.  What do you like?  Cabinet front panels to blend with other cabinetry, stainless steel, black?  Maybe a combination of cabinet front and stainless?  There are beautiful new colors to consider as well.

At Create, our designers look at those details, and help you choose an appliance style that coordinates with the design of your room and finishes.

work with an appliance specialist

While you may be tempted to purchase a product online or at a big box or discount store to save money, it usually doesn’t work out quite the way we plan, and we usually we find out the hard way.  We’ve done that, and discovered it really helps to have a designer and an appliance specialist guide you through the process of buying appliances and getting them where they need to go.  They help communicate specifications and ensure the order goes smoothly and ensure you have all the parts needed for installation and if you receive anything defective, they typically assist in the resolution.  When you buy direct, you spend time with any missing parts, tracking down orders, and arranging for delivery and installation.  And you have to communicate the correct details and specifications to your cabinetry company and electrician and plumber, and getting it all yourself can impact warranties from your builder and installers.  In the end, you’ll likely find you save time by working with a specialist and your builder, and while they may be slightly more up front, it’s usually pretty competitive, and they handle all the details, often saving significant time and your money.

be informed 

Make an informed decision when purchasing appliances.  Check out appliance reviews and testimonials and rely on recommendations from your designer and appliance specialist.  Once armed with all the information and questions answered by your designer and appliance specialist, you’ll be better equipped to make your final decisions.

ask about delivery and installation

When you are ready to purchase, make sure you ask about appliance delivery and installation.  How much does it cost for delivery and set up.  Beware, often they only curbside delivery and you don’t want to get stuck hauling appliances inside and worrying about installation.

Most companies offer reasonable fees for delivery and installation.

ask about removing your old appliances

Make sure you ask if the store will help dispose of old appliances.  Some may charge a small fee and recycle what they can.

know your warranty or service plan

Do you know what your appliance warranty covers?  Ask your appliance specialist and consider a service plan to cover repairs beyond the warranty period particularly on your higher priced items like refrigeration.

Enjoy selecting your new appliances!


At Create Interior Design we help with the selection or  your kitchen, bar, and laundry appliances including range and range hoods, microwaves, steam ovens, warming drawers, refrigerators and freezer combinations, dishwashers, and washer and dryers.  Our designers  can help you select appliances that are stylish and have the latest features for your home.  Check out Create Interior Design for appliance, kitchen and other home design inspiration.



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